My story so far and how it all began.

I’m Shannon – a mother to two delicious kiddos; Willow and Harry.
Wife to my all-time best mate and insanely supportive husband Charles.
And, a full-time lover of everything and anything that involves creativity!

Art has always played a huge role in my life, right from my youth, spending all my ‘free time’ drawing and painting at every opportunity.

However, there was a period there, when my husband, Charles and I, decided to create small human beings which meant art took a MASSIVE back-seat and our life as we knew it did a triple-twisting-double-backflip going ‘next-level-crazy’…but, it’s been a fun ride and we think they’re worth it!

Thankfully, crazy is something we creatives seem to feed-off so, along with becoming a mother and having been both a graphic designer and ‘continual artist’ meant that my life is just one big rollercoaster of all-things-creative and constant sources of inspiration!

Having dabbled in all styles of art, both digitally and ‘traditionally’ throughout my life, my subject-matter and art-medium has chopped and changed over time – always learning and building my repertoire and experience.
Adding to this, I have an equally obsessive love for David Attenborough/Wildlife documentaries which has partly fuelled my need to travel as much of the world as possible, developing a strong connection for our beautiful world and its gorgeous wildlife (Australian mammals and birds being a particular favourite of late).

I work mostly with Watercolour and inks these days, I love how unpredictable watercolours can be – doing wonderfully unpredictably fun things once it’s dried!
…aaaaand because when the paints dry out (because you had to run and tend to your mini-me’s) you can just add water to pick-up where you left off!

Since having had my children and hit-the-ground-running with my art again, I’ve somehow stumbled into an art style built up mostly of patterns, haphazard ink strokes and splatters of paint that form, for the most part, some of my favourite Australian wildlife.

I hope, if nothing else, my art can bring a smile to your face.

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