Dinosaur Greeting Cards (6 pk)



You prodded, suggested, asked and, well… demanded for the Rainbowsaurus range to become Greeting cards, so…
I did it!
This six pack of rainbowlicious awesomeness, is perfect to have ready in your ‘bag of tricks’, for your next special occasion because, it’s literally impossible for little (& big) kids to not like a Dino-kaleidoscope of roarsomeness!
What you get in the pack:
Blue Longneck – ‘Ext-ROAR-dinary’
Yellow Stegosaurus – ‘Dino-mite’
Longneck & Stegosaurus – ‘Ext-ROAR-dinary – Dino-mite’
Blue Triceratops – ‘Dinomite!’
Green T-Rex – ‘T-Rexellent’
Triceratops & T-Rex – ‘Dinomite – T-Rexellent’
x6 – C6 Kraft envelopes

Greeting Card sizes:
Greeting Card: 155mm x 110mm
Kraft envelope: 114 x 162mm

All my Greeting Cards are Certified Australian Made and printed on 100% recycled 350gsm high-quality card and come with a C6 Kraft eco-friendly Kraft envelope.

Additional information

Dimensions11 × 15.5 cm


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