*Framed* ORIGINAL ART – ‘Sweeties’, New Holland Honeyeaters


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‘Sweeties’* – Available only at Fern Street Gallery, Gerringong.

Ink and watercolour
570mm x 760mm
by Shannon Dwyer

‘Sweeties’ was created using a traditional nib dip pen and ink, along with professional-grade watercolours executed on 425gsm 100% cotton rag watercolour paper. This original artwork includes the ‘Shannon Dwyer Originalembossment and hand-penned signature validating it as an original artwork of Shannon Dwyer.


Original watercolour and ink (and highlights of soft pastels) artwork, ‘Sweeties’, the New Holland Honeyeater pair.*

Shannon found these adorable New Holland Honeyeaters (aka: energetic blurs of flittering fun) an absolute delight to paint and have such amusing personalities she simply HAD to capture!Before starting an artwork Shannon researches her subject thoroughly to intimately know its habits, movements, personality and colouring to ensure she can capture it all in her artwork.
One of the bonuses of this research for her art collectors is that her research is then also combined into a summarised paragraph which becomes part of the Certificate of Authenticity.

New Holland Honeyeater fun-facts included on the Certificate of Authenticity:
The New Holland Honeyeater is one of Australia’s most energetic birds, fuelled up on high-energy nectar taken from flowers. Its tongue, which resembles an artist’s brush at the tip, extends into the flower about 10 times per second absorbing all of its nectar. Nectar and fruits provide a carbohydrate-rich diet for the honeyeater, but it also supplements its diet with sugary insect secretions such as honeydew, a fluid excreted by aphids. Other food items include fruit, insects and spiders. Birds may feed alone but normally gather in quite large groups. Impatient and intolerant of other birds, the honeyeater stays alert to any intruders that might want to steal a sip of nectar from its favourite feeding grounds. Its range extends throughout southern Australia, from Brisbane, Queensland, to just north of Perth, Western Australia living in heath, forests, woodland and gardens. Their nests are cup-shaped and made-up of bark and grasses, bound together with spider web. A pair of adults may raise two or three broods in a year and both sexes feed the chicks. Conservation status: Secure.


*Artwork price includes a framed, signed original artwork, Certificate of Authenticity – Available only at Fern Street Gallery, Gerringong.  

This piece is ‘float-mounted’ and framed behind glass.
‘Float-mounting’ allows the paper to have a bit of ‘freedom’ which watercolour paper often needs as its rarely perfectly ‘flat’. By ‘mounting’ the artwork, it showcases the ruffled edges of the watercolour paper and subtle wave of the paper to enhance the the fact that its an original artwork with delicious imperfections.


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