ORIGINAL ART – ‘Ruffrilled’, Frilled-necked Lizard


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Ink and watercolour
380mm x 380mm
by Shannon Dwyer


Certificate of Authenticity information:

Shannon has a genuine love of reptiles; their scales, talons, dragonesque-appearance – the whole combo it so out of this world and such a feast for the eyes! All that texture, colour variation and intrigue! Such fun! The ‘frilly’ has been on Shannon’s must-‘must-paint’ list for some time now and she thoroughly enjoyed capturing this feisty little firecracker in all its ruff-frilled glory!

Frilled-neck Lizards or ‘Frillys’, are the largest species of dragon family of lizards in Australia, named for its frill – a fold of skin, surrounding its throat. The frill is raised to discourage attackers and encourage potential mates, and it is also thought to aid in the regulation of body temperature.  When they are resting, their spectacular frills lie folded over their shoulders. They vary in colour to blend in with their habitat – a ‘Frilly’ from one area may be brighter than one from another area. Found in the hot tropics of north-western and northern Australia, as well as Southern New Guinea and Indonesia, the Frilled-neck Lizard prefers a humid, tropical climate. Inhabiting dry woodland and forests, usually with an open shrubby or grass understorey, the Frilled-Neck Lizard is arboreal, spending most of its time on trunks and branches of trees. They primarily feed upon insects such as moths and butterflies as well as consume beetles, termites and cicadas. They will also eat spiders, mice and even, other lizards! Laying between 8-14 eggs at the beginning of the wet season, their hatchlings are fully self-sufficient and only too willing to use the frill and gaping mouth display when they feel threatened.  Conservation status: Least Concern


*Artwork price includes signed original artwork, Certificate of Authenticity and free delivery within Australia*

Artwork is unframed so you don’t pay unnecessary freight costs and will be able to choose the frame of your liking.
This piece will be delivered in a large reinforced postage tube, rolled securely in (and protected by) acid-free tissue paper.


Framing tips and suggestions:
This piece is best ‘float-mounted’ and framed behind glass.
‘Float-mounting’ allows the paper to have a bit of ‘freedom’ which watercolour paper often needs as its rarely perfectly ‘flat’. By ‘mounting’ the artwork, it showcases the raw edges of the watercolour paper and subtle wave of the paper to enhance the the fact that its an original artwork with delicious ‘imperfections’.


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