*FRAMED* ORIGINAL ART – ‘Gould Lookin’!’, Gouldian Finches


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‘Gould Lookin’!’ – Available only at Fern Street Gallery, Gerringong.

Ink and watercolour
760mm x 570mm
by Shannon Dwyer

‘Gould Lookin’!’ was created using a traditional nib dip pen and ink, along with professional-grade watercolours executed on 425gsm 100% cotton rag watercolour paper. This original artwork includes the ‘Shannon Dwyer Originalembossment and hand-penned signature validating it as an original artwork of Shannon Dwyer.


Original watercolour and ink artwork, ‘Gould Lookin’!’, the Gouldian Finch pair.


Before starting an artwork Shannon researches her subject thoroughly to intimately know its habits, movements, personality and colouring to ensure she can capture it all in her artwork. One of the bonuses of this research for her art collectors is that her research is then also combined into a summarised paragraph which becomes part of the Certificate of Authenticity.

Bold, striking colourways on a pint-sized birdy? Yes ploise! Shannon LOVED using such rich, vibrant colours to create this artwork but also wanted to bring awareness to this now rare, adorable and endangered little feathered friend.

Gouldian Finch fun-facts included on the Certificate of Authenticity: Once found across northern Australia in their millions, the colourful Gouldian Finch is now patchily distributed in tropical northern sub-coastal areas of WA, NT and QLD in tropical savanna woodland. It eats ripe or half-ripe grass seeds, except during the breeding season, when the diet consists almost entirely of insects. They nest exclusively in tree hollows or holes in termite mounds and are the only grass finches to not nest on the ground. Although there are no separate subspecies and the plumage is the same, there are three colour distinctions: 70-80% black-faced; 20-30% red-faced; and a very rare (1 in 3000 birds) yellow-faced. Tragically, beauty is one of the reasons this rare bird is endangered today. Gouldian Finch numbers have declined significantly over the past 100 years; no longer the common, vibrant sight they once were, with an estimated population of just 2,500. The dramatic decline in their numbers is linked to a number of factors. Trapping for the cage bird market had a significant impact, before a ban was finally put in place in the 1980s, but recent evidence suggests that the main reasons that Gouldian finches have become endangered is as a consequence of stress associated with other pervasive threats: inappropriate fire regimes, threats to their natural habitat from introduced species like cattle grazing and feral predators (most notably cats). Conservation Status: Endangered.


*Artwork price includes signed original artwork, Certificate of Authenticity – Available only at Fern Street Gallery, Gerringong.

This piece is ‘float-mounted’ and framed behind glass.
‘Float-mounting’ allows the paper to have a bit of ‘freedom’ which watercolour paper often needs as its rarely perfectly ‘flat’. By ‘mounting’ the artwork, it showcases the ruffled edges of the watercolour paper and subtle wave of the paper to enhance the the fact that its an original artwork with delicious imperfections.


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