ORIGINAL ART – ‘Butcher Bavardage’, Grey Butcherbirds


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‘Butcher Bavardage’

Ink, acrylics and watercolour
760mm x 570mm
by Shannon Dwyer

‘Butcher Bavardage’ was created using a traditional nib dip pen and ink, along with professional-grade acrylics and watercolours executed on 425gsm 100% cotton rag watercolour paper. This original artwork includes the ‘Shannon Dwyer Originalembossment and hand-penned signature validating it as an original artwork of Shannon Dwyer.


Original watercolour, acrylics and ink artwork, ‘Butcher Bavardage’, the Grey Butcherbird pair.


Before starting an artwork Shannon researches her subject thoroughly to intimately know its habits, movements, personality and colouring to ensure she can capture it all in her artwork. One of the bonuses of this research for her art collectors is that her research is then also combined into a summarised paragraph which becomes part of the Certificate of Authenticity.


It’s hard to have a favourite Australian birdsong with so many amazing Aussie greats to choose from however, the Grey Butcherbird’s melodious calls has always given Shannon the wonderful sense of ‘home’. A meditative, peaceful tune that’s as iconic as a magpie’s warble, this striking bird was a wonder to capture– an absolute Australian beauty.

Grey Butcherbird fun-facts included on the Certificate of Authenticity: Grey Butcherbirds are found in a range of wooded habitats, including suburban areas from mid-eastern QLD, through southern Australia, including Tasmania, to northern WA. There is an isolated population in the Kimberley and the northernmost parts of the NT. In inland areas, the birds tend to favour the denser forests. With its lovely, lilting song, it may not seem to be a particularly intimidating species. However, with its strong, hooked beak and its fierce stare, the Grey Butcherbird is not a bird to be messed with. Like magpies, in spring, if you venture too close to their nest, a butcherbird will swoop, sometimes striking with enough force to draw blood, accompanied by a loud, maniacal cackle. They have a wide variety of rich, melodious calls but small birds tremble in fear when they hear the beautiful, rollicking call of this bird, which it often performs in a duet. Grey Butcherbirds are aggressive predators. They love to eat meat such as lizards, mice, beetles, insects, chicks and small birds/animals, using their almost frontal vision, much like a raptor. They sit on an open perch searching for prey which, once sighted, they pounce on. Most prey is caught on the ground, though small birds and insects may be caught in flight. Butcherbirds get their name from their habit of hanging captured prey on a hook or in a tree fork, or crevice and hack the meat away, just like a butcher. It’s also a way to store several victims and to attract mates (charming!). Conservation Status: Secure.


*Artwork price includes signed original artwork, Certificate of Authenticity and free delivery within Australia*

Artwork is unframed so you don’t pay unnecessary freight costs and so you can choose a frame of your liking.
This piece will be delivered in a large reinforced postage tube, rolled securely in (and protected by) acid-free tissue paper.


Framing tips and suggestions:
This piece is best ‘float-mounted’ and framed behind glass.
‘Float-mounting’ allows the paper to have a bit of ‘freedom’ which watercolour paper often needs as its rarely perfectly ‘flat’. By ‘mounting’ the artwork, it showcases the ruffled edges of the watercolour paper and subtle wave of the paper to enhance the the fact that its an original artwork with delicious imperfections.


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