ORIGINAL ART – ‘WHIP’, Willie Wagtail



Ink and watercolour
260mm x 190mm
by Shannon Dwyer



An iconic bird of the Australian backyard, Shannon loves the Willie Wagtail for the flitty, mini, hippity-hoppity ‘wag’ of its tail-feathers and insane fearlessness when defending its territory/young! Its harsh, angular eyebrow, perfectly juxtaposed to its teeny size, is something that thoroughly entertains Shannon when capturing this mini-powerhouse!



‘Whip’ was created using a traditional nib dip pen and ink, along with professional-grade watercolours executed on 425gsm 100% cotton rag watercolour paper. This original artwork includes the ‘Shannon Dwyer Originalembossment and hand-penned signature validating it as an original artwork of Shannon Dwyer.


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Fun Facts included on the Certificate of Authenticity:

The Willie Wagtail is the largest and most well-known of the Australian fantails, found throughout mainland Australia in most habitats, apart from thick forest. Almost always on the move and predominantly on the ground, they’re rarely still for more than a few moments during the day. Even while perching, it will flick its tail from side to side ‘wagtail’. While in paddocks, they often perch on livestock and kangaroos, diving onto the insects disturbed by them. The distinctive white eyebrow of the male wagtail is not just a fashion statement – it helps him attract a mate. Rival males show aggression by expanding their eyebrows during a territorial dispute. The Willie Wagtail can be quite fearless in defense of its territory; it will harry not only small birds but also much larger species such as magpies, kookaburras and the wedge-tailed eagle. It has also been known to attack pets, humans and even snakes who approach its nest too closely, however, it has responded well to human alteration of the landscape and is a common sight in urban lawns, parks, and gardens. The Willie Wagtail is very ‘chatty’ and has a number of distinct vocalisations that are a familiar sound of the Australian bush. It is widely featured in Aboriginal folklore; the Narrunga People of the Yorke Peninsula, regard the Willie Wagtail as the bearer of bad news. It was thought that it could steal a person’s secrets while lingering around camps eavesdropping, so women would be tight-lipped in the presence of one. The people of the Kimberley held a similar belief that the Willie Wagtail would inform the spirit of the recently departed if living relatives spoke badly of them. Conservation Status: Secure.


*Artwork price includes signed original artwork, Certificate of Authenticity and free delivery within Australia*

Artwork is unframed so you don’t pay unnecessary freight costs and will be able to choose the frame of your liking.
This piece will be delivered flat in a reinforced postage envelope, wrapped securely in (and protected by) acid-free tissue paper.


Framing tips and suggestions:
This piece is best ‘float-mounted’ and framed behind glass.
‘Float-mounting’ allows the paper to have a bit of ‘freedom’ which watercolour paper often needs as its rarely perfectly ‘flat’. By ‘mounting’ the artwork, it showcases the raw edges of the watercolour paper and subtle wave of the paper to enhance the the fact that its an original artwork with delicious ‘imperfections’.


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