*FRAMED* ORIGINAL ART – ‘Blue’, Superb Fairy-Wren


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Ink and watercolour
Artwork: 380mm x 380mm
Framed: 500mm x 500mm
by Shannon Dwyer

‘Blue’ was created using a traditional nib dip pen and ink, along with professional-grade watercolours executed on 425gsm 100% cotton rag watercolour paper. This original artwork includes the ‘Shannon Dwyer Originalembossment and hand-penned signature validating it as an original artwork of Shannon Dwyer.


Artwork on display and available exclusively through Watershed Art Gallery, Hunter Valley


Artwork details:
Original watercolour and ink artwork, ‘Blue’, the Superb Fairy-Wren.*

With vibrant colouring and such spiffy tail-feathers, this male Superb Fairywren is a work of living art ready to be captured!

Before starting an artwork Shannon researches her subject thoroughly to intimately know its habits, movements, personality and colouring to ensure she can capture it all in her artwork.
One of the bonuses of this research for her art collectors is that her research is then also combined into a summarised paragraph which becomes part of the Certificate of Authenticity.

Superb Fairy-wrens are found through eastern Australia and Tasmania to the south-eastern corner of South Australia. The Superb Fairy-wren is a cooperative breeding species, with pairs or groups of 3–5 birds maintaining and defending small territories year round, and boasts perhaps the highest rate of adultery in the bird kingdom. Male Superb Fairy-wrens have been labelled as ‘the least faithful birds in the world’. Females may be courted by up to 13 males in half an hour, and 76% of young are sired by males from outside the social group. The nest is a dome-shaped structure of grasses and other fine material. It is usually placed in a low bush and is constructed by the female. The female incubates the eggs alone but both sexes feed the young. Other members of the group will also help with the feeding of the young. Feeding takes place in small social groups. Like all fairy-wrens, the Superb Fairy-wren is an active and restless feeder, particularly on open ground near shelter, but also through the lower foliage. Seen in most habitat types where suitable dense cover and low shrubs occur, they are common in urban parks and gardens, often in small social groups. Major nest predators include Australian Magpies, Butcherbirds, Laughing Kookaburras, Currawongs, Crows, Ravens and Shrike-Thrushes as well as introduced mammals such as the red fox, cat and black rat. Conservation status: Secure.


*Artwork price includes the framed, signed original artwork, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.


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